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Happy New Year! Let me start by wishing everyone out there a happy & prosperous 2015! 2014 was a good year here with lots of happy customers and some absolutely fantastic discos! 2015 is already off to a fabulous start, so I for one am already looking forward to finding out what the year has in store. For this article I wanted to focus on some advice for finding a great venue for your event. Not just from the perspective of a wedding DJ or mobile disco service, but as... + read more
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When it comes to booking a mobile disco for your wedding reception there are many factors to consider before selecting your DJ. Most people only book a Wedding DJ once in their lives and you need to get it right first time. When money is tight and wedding budgets are even tighter it is very tempting to skimp on wedding entertainment costs and go with the cheapest option available. Usually this is a bad decision and one that hundreds of surveyed brides regretted. Remember; this is your... + read more
Choosing the music for your Wedding Disco in Norwich
OK, so this is my first blog post, ever. No, really. You’ll need to bear with me whilst I get into the swing of things, but please do check back regularly to see if I ever make it to my second post! Choosing a subject for my first post was tricky. There are so many topics regarding discos and DJing that I could never get through it all. I have to start somewhere and here it is: Choosing the music at your wedding reception. This is always a conversation I have with Brides & Grooms... + read more
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