Looking for a cheap mobile disco for your wedding reception? Think again.

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When it comes to booking a mobile disco for your wedding reception there are many factors to consider before selecting your DJ. Most people only book a Wedding DJ once in their lives and you need to get it right first time.

When money is tight and wedding budgets are even tighter it is very tempting to skimp on wedding entertainment costs and go with the cheapest option available. Usually this is a bad decision and one that hundreds of surveyed brides regretted.

Remember; this is your wedding day and you have spent many months if not years planning everything and getting things the way you want them. Given that the average wedding now costs around £20,000 you have already invested a great deal in ensuring the success of your big day.

I don’t mind telling you that if you look hard, you can find a DJ out there who will play at your wedding for around £50. A fairly standard wedding package from me costs around £400 so why would you pay more?

Let’s start by busting one of the major myths about being a professional wedding DJ:

It’s only a few hours work. I understand why people believe this, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Depending on the structure of the day, I am usually working somewhere between 15-20 hours on the day of the wedding alone. This might include:

  • Equipment checks
  • Loading vehicle
  • Travel to the venue
  • Unloading
  • Setting up
  • Sound & light checks
  • Background music
  • Announcements
  • Speeches
  • First dances
  • Evening disco
  • Packing down
  • loading the vehicle
  • Return travel
  • Unloading

Factor in all the phone conversations, meetings, music sourcing, organisation & planning that happens before the actual day and you have a significant amount of time being spent specifically on your day. This is of course all before you even think about the time spent running a business just like any other (accounts, admin, sales, marketing, buying, selling, maintenance, compliance etc.).

Then of course there are the costs… Without going into too much unnecessary detail, a good quality mobile disco setup such as the one I use will cost you around the same as a brand new small family car. Yes you can put together a setup much cheaper, but this is professional equipment that is built to be reliable and deliver quality. The last thing you want is failing equipment and poor quality sound blaring at you for 5 hours on your wedding day.

Here’s a little fact for you; I spend more on cables each year than I charge for a typical gig. They get broken, they get lost, spares are always needed and I utilise in excess of 100 cables on a basic sound & light setup with uplighting.

There’s also wear and tear on vehicles of course (us DJs travel a lot of miles), vehicle & equipment maintenance (you don’t want us breaking down on the way), fuel costs, food & drink while on the road, insurances and a hell of a lot of music to be purchased. All this before we start talking about general business costs. If you run any business you will know that they quickly mount up.

Ah yes – the small matter of experience. Most good quality professional mobile discos are run by people who have been DJs for many years and I am no exception. At first glance it may look like an easy job, but let me tell you a little secret… I have played in front of huge crowds at famous venues as a specialist club DJ (including the likes of Brixton Academy & SEOne in London) and let me tell you this: All things being considered DJing at somebody’s wedding reception (and doing a good job of it) is much harder work and much more stressful than playing one of those gigs.

There are very few occasions in life when such a broad range of people of all ages, tastes & backgrounds are in the same place at the same time as there are at a wedding. Making sure that all of those people enjoy the evening and everything runs smoothly is no easy task. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of trial and error to get to a point where you can respond to a crowd at a wedding disco and make it work. There will always be one or two who think you are rubbish because you didn’t play their favourite record, but that is just life. You cannot gain the right experience in this business without hard work and commitment over a number of years and that doesn’t come for free.

Let’s look again If we go back to our example earlier of the DJ who charges £50. Ask yourself this – how many professional people in any industry would invest all this time and money for that kind of turnover? Even at double or triple that with an average of 2 gigs per week, they would have to be 100% stark raving bonkers. Do you really want somebody who fits that description in charge of the part of your day that your guests will remember the most? Be reasonable… Nobody is saying that you need to spend a fortune to get good results. Unless you are really trying to impress your guests with a mind-blowing show you can spend a reasonable amount of money and get a good quality DJ who is committed to making your special day exactly that. Ask yourself this: Do you want a DJ that will:

Work with you to ensure that your big day runs smoothly

Once the ceremony is out of the way, a good mobile DJ will keep everything running on time with the right announcements, the right background music and the right lighting atmosphere. They will also give you the benefit of their experience when it comes to running order, music choices, logistics, venue layout, lighting arrangements, access times, power requirements and a whole host of other things you may not even have considered.

Tailor the evening to suit your tastes, your guests and your themes

This doesn’t just mean sending them a playlist. This means working with you to incorporate as much of your personality and individuality as possible without detracting from the number one objective of appealing to the maximum amount of guests. This also means ensuring that the lighting and atmosphere suits the effect you want and changes happen smoothly and at the right time. Your wedding photographer will want certain light conditions to achieve the best results at key points in the night too.

Turn up

You may think that this is a given, but you would be amazed at how many DJs at the cheaper end of the market let brides & grooms down at the last minute. Usually this involves a complicated story about a sister’s sick cat, but the reality is that it is normally because they have been offered a better paying gig.

Bring backup equipment in case of a breakdown.

We’re not talking about another whole setup, just enough to ensure that the show can go on in case of equipment failure.

Be polite, presentable & behave appropriately for the occasion

After all, we’re not talking about a karaoke night down ‘The Nag’s Head’. This is your wedding and it deserves a sense of occasion.

Use reliable, quality equipment

Most people don’t need a full blown nightclub system at their wedding (if you do, just ask), but you need something that delivers the right effect and can deliver good sound quality at a decent volume without hurting your ears.

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you need to be prepared to cover the cost of providing that level of service. All of my customers did and they will gladly tell you that it was worth every penny.

If you are looking for a professional service which provides excellent value for money, call 01603 280782 today. I will deal with you personally every step of the way and deliver exactly what I promise: Quality, at a fair price.

Thanks for reading,

Rob Kane.

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