Many of our private mobile disco clients are booking their mobile disco for the first time. Below are some answers to common questions from previous mobile disco customers. This should help you to understand the process and allow you to compare the service level against other suppliers.

Although I have been heavly involved in music events since starting my own promotions company at 17, I didn't start DJing until 2004. I cut my teeth playing vinyl sets at underground dance music events across London alongside international DJs; rocking huge crowds at well known and respected venues. Highlights include: Brixton Academy, SeOne, The Scala, Mass Club, The Fridge & Hidden. 

After moving out of London 5 years ago and starting a family, I continued to DJ for private events and also extensively developed my experience in weddings & corporate events. 

Over the years, I have performed at close to 1,000 events of all sizes and types. I can adapt to suit each crowd demographic, changing style during the night as required. Like most DJs I can do cheesy chart hits when they are appropriate, but unlike many DJs I can also keep a specialist crowd happy. From avid soul, disco & funk fans to techno geeks and drum & bass ravers. I have the music, experience and the DJ skills to cross multiple genres at any time without leaving my comfort zone.

Each event is different and although there are a few tracks that get played at most gigs, the music played will depend on the crowd response on the night. I try to get a loose understanding of music tastes before the gig and work from there. I don't work from a playlist (unless you definitely want me to) and try to include something for all the guests at some point during the evening. 

I can take requests before and during the gig or refuse them if you prefer and work from supplied 'must play' & 'do not play' lists.

Although the specifics of each setup change according to requirements and venue, one thing remains constant: All of the sound, lighting and auxiliary equipment used by Have Sound, Will Travel is high quality professional grade equipment. 

We pride ourselves on offering crystal clear sound & well programmed light shows. We won't accept anything else at our events and neither should you.  

Exact times vary, but the majority of our mobile disco & wedding DJ gigs fall into three categories

Standard disco packages

Setup: 90mins
Pack up: 60mins

Premium disco packages

Setup 3hrs
Pack up: 90mins

Bespoke disco packages

Varies according to requirements

Please ensure that your venue is aware of the approximate times and access is available during these times. 

Have Sound, Will Travel currently holds a Platinum DJ Mark Award. This means our business practices have been independently verified by the DJ Mark Award Scheme. When you see this award, you know that the supplier is comitted to professional best practice within the industry. 

The award has 4 levels: silver, gold, platinum & diamond. You must be a member of the scheme at least 2 years before you can be considered for a diamond award - until then we have the highest award attainable. 

Amongst other things the award verifies our:

  • Insurance
  • Health & safety practices
  • Customer reviews and recommendations 
  • Electrical safety testing practices
  • Booking procedure
  • Contracts & agreements
  • Music sourcing practices

Absolutely. We always ensure that we have enough mobile disco equipment to allow your event to continue should any item of equipment fail during a DJ performance.

For all mobile disco & wedding DJ bookings a £50 deposit is required to secure your date and the balance must be settled at least 7 days before the event. 

Once you have established date availability and are ready to book your mobile disco, please visit the <a href="http://disconorwich.uk/booking">Booking Page</a> and complete the form. This will direct you to a Paypal page that allows you to pay your deposit by debit card, credit card or Paypal account. 

Generally speaking, the answer to this question is no. 

We pride ourselves on the value-for-money that we offer our clients and our prices reflect this. All prices are kept as low as possible to stay competitive without compromising quality. Cutting prices would mean cutting quality and we have no interest in providing a low quality service.

We always advise that you should choose the supplier that best suits your needs. Sometimes in life price is the only criteria. There is no room to consider quality. We understand that. There are many low-budget DJs available who cater for these circumstances.

Absolutely. Whilst most people opt for standard setups for their events, we can put togther something completely original. 15 years in event management has earned us some great contacts and we have access to everything from huge laser shows to giant artifical trees and entire fantasy themed sets and props. The limit is your imagination (and of course your budget). 

Yes - absolutely! With the use of computer controlled uplighting we can 'wash' the room in any colour you choose. We can even program our main light shows to match your colour scheme and light the DJ booth in a matching colour. To see some examples of this, please visit our Gallery page.